Londa Loleta Stebbins was born to Alfred Stebbins and Edith Large Stebbins of the Stebbins Ancestry on 30 May 1872.

She lived through at least 1951.  Records show she attended High School in Oakland, resided at 29 St. James Ave. in Boston in 1889 (probably while attending MIT), resided at 6517 Harwood Avenue in 1935, at 1204 Jackson Street in San Francisco 1937 and at 1030 Parkinson in  Palo Alto California in 1951 and owned property in La Honda, California.

Documents show Londa graduated from MIT in 1893, the same year as her brother Elwyn.

Londa campaigned for women’s suffrage in the early 1900’s, volunteered for humanitarian aid in the 40s and in 1951 wrote to Albert E. Kahn and  contributed to the  National Committee to Defend Dr. Du Bois.  The committee published Albert E. Kahn’s “Agent of Peace”, a five-cent pamphlet printed by the Hour Publishers in defense of William Edward Burghardt “W. E. B.” Du Bois.    Her occupation was listed as 1935, Children’s Agency, San Francisco.

It is suggested that Londa traveled to Europe with her father Alfred Stebbins,  based on a poem that Alfred wrote.


From July 9, 1918 Santa Cruz Evening News from Santa Cruz, California · Page 2


Thirteen women, members of the Stanford unit, who were selected to go to France to work among the women and children of the reoccupied portion of that country, have left Palo Alto and are now en route to New York and expect to sail at a nearly date for France, where they will proceed with the civilian relief work that has been planned. The requisite $30,000 has been subscribed or pledged, a sum sufficient to permit of the great work being prosecuted with vigor for a period of one year. Two women, Mrs. Londa S. Fletcher and Miss Dorothea Smith, have gone ahead.

July 10, 1918 Oxnard Courier from Oxnard, California · Page 3

The Stanford University unit of women, organized for work among the women and children of reoccupied France, arrived in New York today and will sail at an early date. There are 15 women in the unit, two of whom arrived in advance of the main party. They were Mrs. Londa S. Fletcher and Miss Dorethea Smith. Those in today’s contingent: Miss Sue Byer, Miss Elizabeth Woolbridge, Miss Velona Picher, Miss Anne Scott, Miss Laura Emory, Miss Margaret Lothrop, Miss Beatrice Flynn, Miss Margaret Horine, Miss Ruth Deeley, Miss Edith Merrielies, Dr. Plactda Gerdner, Miss Vera Gerdner, and Mrs. Elizabeth Andrews. (Names may be garbled due to OCR translation)