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About Travis

Okay. Seriously. I am one weird guy.
I wrestle. I draw. I write. I write music. I play. I work. I sing. And, if paid enough, I can hop around on one foot and chant the lyrics to any Oingo Boingo song you can throw my way. Wearing only my underwear and a small rodent found in New Guinea.
I would’ve written some beautiful resumé-type thing talking about how awesome and perfectly normal I am, and how life is going, and yatta yatta yatta. BUT that wouldn’t be honest (I’m not normal… am I?)
SOOOOoooo I’ll give y’alls the lowdown:

  • Born: 8/89
  • Died: Hopefully after 100 years old
  • School: Scotts Valley High
  • Wrestling Team: Scotts Valley High
  • Relatives: The Stebbins/Hughes Families
  • Legs: Left and Right
  • Sex: No thanks. I’m saving myself fo– OH. Male.
  • In these Bands: T3, African Government House with my friends Cameron, Kyle, Josh and Alex.
  • Likes These Bands: Oingo Boingo and ANYthing Danny Elfman, Mannheim Steamroller, Stevie Wonder, Audio Adrenaline, DC Talk, and Rubber (Get it? Bands, rubber…? Ah hah, ah hah hah…)
    (Okay. That just wasn’t funny.)
  • Composer: Oh, yeah. I‘m that too. Below SHOULD be some of my little bits and pieces. I’m currently writing for Natasha’s Video Productions Class.


More About Travis

Ah, the direct products of my mad science. Dig in. If you want the whole dealio, contact me for info.

Title My Excuses
Terror One of my prides and joys. Kinda dark, given my priveleged upbringing… (Note: THIS IS THE ONLY CLIP THAT IS LONGER THAN 30 SECONDS [or so]!)
End In Jazz This one is an older one. I just recently revived it for the VP Class.
Calm I was inspired by the music in the MMORPG Maple Story, and wrote something like it.
Misery This is a small section of a song I wrote late Mother’s Day night…
Dark Forest Very Orchestral. Sounds a bit like K-Pax meets Elfman meets… uh… Redwood Trees.
Night This was a collaboration between me and Natasha. She did most of the strings, while I fleshed out the rest of the choir and the percussion.
Spanish Muzaak I don’t know why it’s Spanish. Something about it reminded me about Spanish Music…
Tensity This was around the time I had Yellowcard pumped through my cerebral complex (AKA Brain) multiple times over. I finally cracked… like-a so.
Threat No real explanation for this one. I guess I was just writing for the heck of it for this one.

Gorphenstein Argle Gijle-Abupp. Grup-Tiggle Aiph Pah.