John Stebbins was born 15 Jan 1794 in Vernon, VT. He died 12 Aug 1875 in Vernon, VT. John married Harriet Houghton, daughter of Nehemiah Houghton and Lydia Dodge, on 12 Jul 1825 in Vernon, VT. Harriet was born 6 Mar 1805 in Vernon, VT. She died 15 Jan 1864 in Vernon, VT. Together they had the following children:

  1. Alonzo Stebbins  b Apr. 20, 1826, married Cornelia Holland, had four children and resided at ‘the old homestead’ (see below)
  2. Lorenzo Stebbins was born 15 Nov 1827 in Vernon, VT. Lorenzo married Ellen Onsville Walton on 12 Aug 1856. Machinist of the firm Newhall & Stebbins, resided at Hinsdale, N.H (one record says made mowing machines)
  3. John Stebbins, b. Mar. 10, 1829;  Captain of State Militia,  m. (1) Sept. 19, 1853, Emily Goodrich Gleason, b. in Malone, N. Y., Sept. 18, 1828, dau. of Sherman Caleb Gleason and Rhoda
    Goodrich. She d. Mar. 12, 1862, and he m. (2) Oct. 21, 1862, Harriet Elvira Holland, b. Dec, 1828, dau. of Joseph Holland and Serena Amold. He d. Sept. 12,1872 on the ‘old farm’   She lived in Brattleboro, Vt. Children: had 2 daughters:  Alice Gleason Stebbins, b. Sept. 11, 1855 ; lived in Fitchburg ; Alma Filia Stebbins, b. Aug. 14, 1859; lived in Fitchburg, 31 Highland Ave.; both daughters unmarried 1905.
  4. Harriet Stebbins b Aug. 5, 1830; m. Dec. 17, 1856, Henry Augustus Goodrich. He lived in Fitchburg.
  5. Calista Stebbins was born 29 Jun 1832 in Vernon, VT. She died 23 Oct 1882 in California. Calista married Charles Lyman in California. Charles died 29 Mar 1889 in California.
  6. Alfred Stebbins b. 1834
  7. Melissa Stebbins  b. in Vernon, Vt., July 29, 1837 ; m. Nov. 9, 1870, William Stockwell, b. in England, Aug. 25, 1837, son of William and Charlotte Stockwell. He d. June 15, 1888, in Stockton, Cal. She lived Cottage No. 3, Berkeley, Cal. Her Children: Ella Stebbins Stockwell, b. Apr. 1, 1874;
  8. Lydia Houghton Stebbins m. Mr. Lambert J. Bristol
  9. ?? (There is rumor of another child adopted.. more as we confirm this)

JOHN STEBBINS was a prominent citizen of Vernon, Vermont. He was Justice of the Peace 1832 for 14 years, and held many offices of honor and trust, several times representing the town in the State Legislature. He was a man of the most absolutely strict integrity. While he shunned general society, he was a genial and delightful companion to the few whom he admitted to close friendship.

His writings, in consequence of much travel and observation, are clear and forcible, also instructive and entertaining, and are mostly of a historical character.

The Vermont Historical Gazetteer states: John Stebbins resided from 1819 to 1825 in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Written about John Stebbins:

1873 Birthday Celebration for John:

About 40 of the relatives of John Stebbins, Esq., met at his residence, in the bow of the river, to give him a surprise on his birthday, Jan. 15, 1873. Relics of the past were exhibited; the wedding suit of fifty years since, in good condition, and a facsimile of the old English Stebbins coat of arms, painted by the wife of Prof. J. S. Lee, of Canton, N. Y.

Good cheer reigned, the house rung with old-time tunes, and heartfelt speeches were made. The address was by A. H. Washburn, Esq., from which we hereby extract:

“Mr. Stebbins is of the 7th generation, from Rowland Stebbing of Stebbing, Essex Co., England. He has made good use of his opportunities and held many offices of honor and trust in Vernon, and several times represented the town in the legislature. The loss of his worthy companion, at the time when they were looking forward to years of freedom from care, and the enjoyment of the fruits of united industry and fidelity is irreparable. His writings in consequence of much travel and observation, are clear and forcible, also instructive and entertaining, and mostly of a historical character; and he is one of those men who never grow old in thought or manner of life.

Mr. Stebbins is a man of the most absolutely strict integrity, and no one can mistake the sentiment he entertains toward men or measures. He shuns general society, but is a genial and delightful companion with the few whom he admits to close friendship. He believes in doing with all his might whatever he undertakes, and is as faithful to that idea in the ordinary amusements of his family as in making pecuniary operations involving thousands. He has living, seven children, all respectable and respected in the communities where they reside; and grandchildren (who are the ninth generation from Roland,) who give promise of future usefulness, and all are blest with a good supply of this world’s goods.”

Mr. Washburn was followed by L. Brown, Esq., who made some excellent remarks, followed by Sumner Titus, Esq., R. S. Wood, Esq., and by the oldest man in town, Eli Lee, Esq., brother-in-law of our host, with interesting retrospection.

Personal Note: 

Alonzo Stebbins was born 29 Aug 1826 in Vernon, VT. He died in Vernon, VT. Alonzo married Cornelia S Holland on 18 Jul 1855. Cornelia died in Vernon, VT. They had the following children:

  1. Emma Florence Stebbins was born 14 Nov 1857. She died 10 Mar 1876.
  2. Agnes Serenco Stebbins was born 5 Jul 1860. Married John Gray
  3. Etta Louise Stebbins was born 14 Aug 1864.
  4. Roland Alonzo Stebbins was born 30 Jun 1869.

Children of Agnes Serene Stebbins and John C. Gray:

  1. Edith Florence Gray (b. 26 May 1889) Married Robert J. Kuhn July 14, 1919
  2. Emma Stebbins Gray (05 Feb 1894 )

Edith and Robert J. Kuhn had

Robert S. Kuhn (b. May 28 1923) who in 1956 M. Licia DiVona and together had Felicia Maristella Kuhn in June  1965. I (Michael Stebbins, b 1965) had the pleasure to meet Felicia in the mid 90’s in south Vermont.