Hey – We just returned from a great time at Disneyland – Pics are here.

Stebbins at Disney May 05

Disneyland and California Adventure

After a year of cutting back and doing without, it was time to treat the fam to a no-limits 4-day trip to Disney We decided to stay at Disney’s Grand California Hotel. A great choice! We bought 3-day park-hopper passes with early entry privileges. The hotel is adjacent to Downtown Disney and has private and early entry to the park for registered guests A six hour drive got us from Santa Cruz to Anaheim. I figured Tasha or Tyler would drive, but most everyone slept on the way down.
OK first order of business is food in Downtown Disney We chose the Rainforest Cafe
Tyler gets his dream plate: Filet, Shrimp, Ribs
Tyler redefines jumping on the bed (A stebbins tradition in any fine hotel) We rode the monorail to avoid lines at Disney – it worked great!
Tomorrowland opens one hour early for special guests (that’d be us)The first morning was threatening to rain, but we never really got wet.
First Meal in Disneyland Park
Stebbins at the Disneyland Stage Coach

Grizzly Rock
In 01 Travis and Michael ride the Ferris Wheel – Then again in 2005. Yes I’m wearing the same shirt– by coincidence

View from our room at Disney’s Grand California Hotel. From another angle, we could watch the dance teams practicing after hours.
Good Decorations in the Hotel
Tyler loved having the paper delivered every morning
Bugs Life Cave
Tyler playing the typical teenager Travis playing the angst ridden teen
Karen administering Therapy to the angst ridden teen
Without room service, Tasha is forced to make coffee in the hotel coffee maker
Small World
Small World
The Indiana Jones ride broke down just before our car crossed the bridge. Our boys were thrilled.
Stebbins as Pillow Fighters
Monorail from our room
T-Trio on a break
After a good meal at Rain Forest Cafe. If you go, check out the aquarium.
Post pillow fight
Continued pillow fight:
We rode California Screamin’ too many times to count.
The splash ride at California Adventure is excellent