Stebbins Land Grant 1640 Springfield Compared to Today

A 1640 hand-drawn map of land grants in Springfield, Massachusetts compares surprisingly well with a satellite view today.

Arrows point to Rowland Stebbins’ grants and those of his son Thomas.

Some observations:

  • Note that Thomas Stebbins Born: 6 MAY 1662  married Elizabeth WRIGHT, daughter of Samuel WRIGHT and Elizabeth BURT.
  • The Wrights and Burts were next door neighbors of the Stebbins slightly to the South.  So it does appear that Thomas married, “the girl next door.”
  •  Margaret Street leads to… Margaret’s land grant.  If related, this makes sense in 1640, but  folks who see that street now would have no idea.
Springfield in 1600s
The old map


Streets and general layout are surprisingly similar
Streets and general layout are surprisingly similar


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