San Francisco with the Lam-Garrett Clan

We love our Lam-Garrett clan from San Diego. In this day-trip to San Francisco, we toured a culinary school, and, well, you’ll see. Why We Went to San Francisco Together SFO_Trip_Begins.JPG SFO_Trip_Lets_Stop_there.JPG EveryoneatPpoint.JPG Coast scenery IMAG0249.JPG IMAG0247.JPG Guys_at_ppoint.JPG IMAG0250.JPG PDR_0548.JPG PDR_0549.JPG PDR_0550.JPG PDR_0551.JPG PDR_0552.JPG PDR_0553.JPG PDR_0559.JPG IMAG0254.JPG SFO_Trip_Norther_Bound.JPG SFO_Trip_Tyler_CHelsea.jpg Hanging_out_NorthernCA.JPG Hanging_Out_in_Northern_California.JPG Visit_CCA_Admissions_Offic.jpg IMAG0261.JPG IMAG0262.JPG IMAG0264.JPG …

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My Fav Reads in 2004

Latest reads, Fall 2004, include The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking, Proverbs by King Solomon, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, and Waking the Dead, by John Eldredge. All highly recommended!

Music in 2004

Latest musical attempts: Three Nighter and What I Know Now as performed by Jeff Berlin. Also, Karen, the kids and I had a great time playing at Twin Lakes Family Camp in (Big Basin) early September 04.