Lima DiMartino Scaduto Line to Stebbins

Salvatore Lima
Married Pietra Rubino  in Sicily
and had Giuseppi Salvatore Lima in 1857
Giuseppi Salvatore Lima
Born 1857
Married Anna Sunseri 12.12.1883
Who was Born 1866 and was the daughter of Antonino Sunseri and Antonia GrecoTogether, they had

  1. Salvatore Lima 8.30.1889
  2. Antonio Lima 2.25.1891
  3. Michelangelo Lima 11.7.1896
  4. Giuseppi “Joseph“ Lima 8.15.1898
  5. Pietra Lima 2.5.1903
  6. Pietro Lima 5.9.1904
Giuseppi “Joseph“ Lima
Born 8.15.1898
Died 8.20.1960
Married Pietrina (Scaduto) Lima 1919
Who was Born 3.25.1900 and Died 2.19.1989
Divorced 1942?And Had

  1. Joseph Lima 5.23.1920
  2. Peter Anthony Lima 9.25.1922
  3. Anthony Jack Lima 9.12.1924
  4. Ann Pauline (Lima) Amato 2.2.1926
Giuseppi “Joseph“ Lima is reported to have been born in Palermo Sicily in 1898 and to have lived in Trabia Sicily until 1914 when he left to migrate to the US at 16 years old.

The following information was curated by Katherine Amato-von Hemert in 2005:

Giuseppi Lima is listed on the passenger manifest of the S.S. San Guglielmo sailing from Napoli, Italy 1, September 1914 and arriving Ellis Island on October 15, 1914 [note to edit… 45 days seems long for such a trip, since the 2,000 passenger Guglielmo was capable of 15 knots.].  Lima was 16 years old and traveled in second class and claimed Cleveland, Ohio as his final destination in 1914. He did not have transportation beyond New York but was planning to join his brother, Salvatore Lima, who lived at 2959 (or possibly 2759) E. 1st in Cleveland.

16-year-old Giuseppi was described by the US immigration officer as five feet four inches in height with a fair complexion, brown eyes and hair and a scar on his forehead.  Lima’s occupation was noted as “labourer,” he was able to read and write, and his nationality was listed as “Italy, South Italy” Trabia.  Palermo is listed as Lima’s place of birth and Trabia, Sicily was his most recent permanent residence.

Listed on the manifest just ahead of Guiseppi appears to be a relative with whom he was likely traveling, Pietro Lima.  Pietro was also 16 years old, he was a barber, able to read and write and his father in Trabia was Antoinio Lima.  Pietro’s final destination was his brother, Antonia Lima’s home in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Pietrina Scaduto (Tina) was born 3.25.1900 of Pietro Scaduto and Katerina Puelo Scaduto and lived in Bagheria Sicily until her teens (12?) whereupon she migrated to the US.   Her mother Katerina is reported to have died in 1911 when Tina was 11 years old.

Her siblings included:

Rose 1888
Angelina 1890
Josephina 1894
Joseph 1897
Frank 1903

Michael Stebbins adds:

The Scaduto name is still (as of 2017) quite prominent in Bagheria Sicily and is attached to the local university, two cathedrals, and a significant estate or villa.  Inquiries about the family name with locals in Bagheria in 2012 yielded careful answers such as, “Your family was known to be generous…. building schools, cathedrals, and… helping the community.”  When asked what business the family practiced, there was generally a thoughtful pause and smile, and then answer, “Lemons.  Your family had orchards of… Lemons.”

My great grandmother (Nana) Tina recorded her memories of Bagheria in an audio interview describing the family home in Bagheria (magnificent tiles, three stories) childhood trips to swim in the sea, her migration in 1911 (or 1912) to meet her sister in the New York, and her eventual migration to Lodi, California and life in the US.

Joseph Lima

Born 5.23.1920

Married Providencia “Puddy” DiMartino 9.21.1941

who was born  11.23.1921

And Had

Patricia Ann Lima 11-1942
Joseph Anthony Lima 11-1946
Anthony Lima 5-1950
Jerry Lima 1-1956
Grace Marie Lima 3-1959

Patricia Ann Lima 11-1942
Married Michael Stebbins of Stebbins Ancestry
who was born  5-1937And Had

  1. Christian Michelle Stebbins Roseneau 3-1964
  2. Michael Kirk Stebbins 2-1965
Michael Kirk Stebbins Feb 1965 married October 1986 Karen Lea Hughes (b. 11 1965) and had

  1. Natasha Leanne Stebbins Jan 1988
  2. Tyler Michael Stebbins Aug 1989
  3. Travis Jonathan Stebbins Aug 1989